What services are provided here?

We provide full body waxing, makeup artistry, custom skin treatments including dermaplaning and chemical peels.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be made online 24/7 by clicking HERE 

What is your cancellation policy?

We are an appointment only studio. A valid credit or debit card is required for all online booking to ensure your appointment is reserved. We ask for 24 hours notice for rescheduling or cancellations. Without providing 24 hours notice, you will be charge a 100% service fee.

Can I receive a facial or waxing service if I am pregnant?

Yes you can. Keep in mind you may experience a little more sensitivity when getting a facial or waxed. Also, you maybe obsolete to certain exfoliating ingredients found in our facial products. Consult with your doctor prior to scheduling an appointment.

How long does my hair need to be for Brazilian wax?

For the best possible result we suggest that the hair be at least 1/4 of an inch or the length of a grain of rice. It is recommended that you wait 3-4 weeks post shaving or depilatory (Nair or Veet) use to ensure the hair is the appropriate length. If the hair longer, just leave it, there is no need to cut down or trim hair.

How can I prepare for my wax?

 We recommend taking  a warm shower or bath right before your appointment to open the pores and soften the hairs. Using a gentle body polish 1 day prior to your appointment will breakdown and loosen any built up dead skin cells around the base of the hair.  We encourage that you avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to the appointment. Wear loose clothing to your appointment. Some find Tylenol or Ibuprofen to be helpful 30 minutes prior to service.

How often should I get waxed?

Everyone hair growth cycle is different,. However, we will recommend when to book next during your first visit.

- Facial areas every 2-4 weeks. 
- Underarms every 2-3 weeks. 
- Bikini/Brazilian every 4 weeks. 
- All other body areas every 4-6 weeks.